If you’re willing to work, we’re ready to help.

For some business and people wanting to get a head, a little knowledge can go a long way. Battling up the corporate ladder or up against a competitor in a tender submission requires focus, dedication and at times a secret ingredient. Our founding philosophy is to help those committed business and people to achieve their goals with a little inside knowledge, facilitation, and support.


We can show you how to get ahead or how to produce a compelling bid by carefully applying techniques and tricks that can make all the difference between first place and second. We work with people and businesses all over the world, we are passionate about levelling the playing field so that you can run your best race. If you are ready to do what it takes for yourself or your organisation, we are ready to show you how to become a winner!

Tender Coach Tips



Tender coaching for businesses who need to win.


Discover your winning strategy and put yourself in the best position to succeed. JRT can address all your tender needs, customised to your budget.


We can relieve the pressure and manage your tender, leaving the stress and tender deadlines to us. We can train your team on how to produce effective and compelling tender submissions time and time again.



Business capabilities and coaching.


Learning how to stay competitive within your industry to retain your competitive edge. JRT can show you how to achieve the best results for your business and people.


We can show you how to sustain winning new business, through business planning, growth, resources, employee lifelong skills, leadership training, diversity and inclusion and effective industry networking.



Personal coaching for individuals who want to make a difference.


How to prioritise your goals and get on track with confidence. JRT provides one-on-one coaching and group coaching to optimise and accelerate careers and business success.


We can help you as an individual achieve anything you want to achieve. We can work with your business team to work effectively together and individually to create lifelong skills and leadership confidence.



Workplace diversity change international speaker & trainer.


Understand how Diversity and Inclusion can help you in the workplace. JRT can show you a roadmap to a more inclusive culture that will deliver your business results.


We can show you how your business and employees can benefit from diversity, inclusion, wellbeing and mental health awareness. Julie is a conference speaker on ‘The business benefits of Diversity and Inclusion’

Did your last tender fail?

We can review your tender submission against the RFT guidelines and, give you recommendations on how you could change your approach for next time.

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Tender Coaching

Tender Strategy Workshops

Tender Response

Bid Management

Team Training

Presentation Training


Business and Personal Coaching

Team Performance and Business Growth

One on One Coaching

Effective Networking

Women in Leadership

Industry Ready Training


Workplace Diversity

Anything is Possible

Effective Networking

Positive Culture in the Workplace

Business Performance and Growth

Conference Speaking

Working with JRT made the difference between 1st & 2nd for our business!

We can always rely on Julie, to respond to a call, if we need additional support, or critical client questions that need some expertise to answer. We are pleased to say we won a significant tender, which is critical for our future growth. The value that Julie provides is well invested in the results that she delivers.


Julie is truly invested in our personal story and success as a business, she has a passion to see local businesses thrive, grow and able to compete with the bigger players. Her truly professional attitude and rapport with her clients is not only enlightening but is an inspiration to our male dominated industry.


Wayne Collier, Smythe Contractors Limited