Julie has been an advocate for supporting women and diversity for years, whilst working as an engineer for the last 30 years. She speaks and conducts workshops to encourage women to have more confidence, to set goals and succeed, network and have resilience in a male dominated environment, all based on the skills she has mastered in her own personal challenging journey.


Julie can show you how having a Diversity and Inclusion strategy in place can increase your bottom line, create a team of improved problem solvers, be more productive, attract the best talent, retain more employees and create a positive workplace culture.


She has spoken to numerous audiences on confidence, resilience and shares her own personal story as an engineer dealing with negative attitudes, bullying and sexual innuendos. She learned the lessons that allowed her to compete in a male dominated world and now she wants to use these lessons to inspire others.

As a speaker for your audience, Julie can tailor her inspirational talks to integrate with the message of your conference, and can also undertake group breakout sessions with leaders and influencers in your business to address the topics to create a real path for change.

Topics Covered

Diversity and Inclusion

Julie speaks on Diversity & Inclusion, covering wellbeing and mental health at conferences across New Zealand. Promoting the need for organisations to invest in Diversity and Inclusion Plans for a more diverse workforce. Julie is interactive with her audiences and has a number of activities she organises to encourage audience participation and to create that ah ha moment.


Julie is an influencer when speaking about the business benefits and the advantages of having a diverse workforce. She has produced these postcards to give out as reminders to CEOs and Managers of organisations in New Zealand of the positive benefits of diverse cultures in the workplace.

Anything is Possible

There is a significant amount of research that shows greater gender diversity is good for business. Julie is continuously communicating and promoting the awareness of gender diversity and encouraging women to have more confidence in applying for promotions and self-promoting themselves in the industry.


Julie’s passion is to support, inspire and mentor other women and girls to fulfil their maximum potential. When Julie started as an engineer, there were no role models or mentors, yet despite the bullying, attitudes and sexual innuendos, Julie stayed true to her beliefs.


She learned the lessons that allowed her to compete in a real world. She speaks and conducts workshops to educate women on goal setting, being confident, and networking, all based on the skills he has had to master in her journey. With a key message ‘Anything is Possible’