We are proud to have worked with many companies and organisations across New Zealand and these include:


Thanks for making this the compelling submission it is..

It was a fantastic team effort, coupled as Julie has said, by us being in multiple locations and time zones! We must see that as another asset that we have at HOST.
As I’ve already said to you individually Julie, so many thanks for successfully guiding and corralling us, and helping bring it all together in the end to really successfully represent what HOST can offer. I’m sure there is much in there we can also use for future applications.

Rochelle Stewart-Allen
Chief Executive

Training and Coaching

First and foremost Julie is caring and compassionate

As a coach you will find Julie first and foremost caring and compassionate. She has a wonderful way of sitting with you and accepting you as the wonderful person you are. Her ability to gently question and strategise with you for the outcomes you want appear seamless. All encompassed with a great smile and wonderful personality.
I happily recommend Julie as your Life Coach.

Christine Walter


Julie is an excellent presenter!

I had the pleasure of attending Julie’s goal-setting masterclass. From the moment I sat down, I was surrounded by like minded successful business people. Julie is an excellent presenter, who provided business insight, personal feedback, realistic role-plays and taught us invaluable goal-setting skills.
Best of all, Julie kept us to task by reviewing our successes. I can’t recommend Julie’s classes enough.

Natalie Schumacher

Support for Tier 2 Contractors

I started my business in tendering as I wanted to help and up-skill our Tier 2 contractors across New Zealand. Having worked with two of our top Tier 1 contractors across all areas of engineering, construction, and infrastructure.


I was introduced to many sub-contractors who were specialists in their field, but typically did not have the capacity, capability or resources to submit their own independent tenders. They lacked the knowledge and expertise required to win big tenders or proposals. When they were clearly capable of delivering the work.

How Julie helped:

Julie helped by providing a bespoke service to Tier 2 contractors, where she could work with them on a tender submission, run workshops, provide up-skilling training and ultimately supporting and guiding the team through the tender process.

What Wayne said about working with Julie:

We can always rely on Julie, to respond to a call, if we need additional support, or critical client questions that need some expertise to answer.
We are pleased to say we won a significant tender, which is critical for our future growth. The value that Julie provides is well invested in the results that she delivers.


Julie is truly invested in our personal story and success as a business, she has a passion to see local businesses thrive, grow and able to compete with the bigger players. Her truly professional attitude and rapport with her clients is not only enlightening but is an inspiration to our male dominated industry.


Wayne Collier, Smythe Contractors Limited

What David said about the results:

Julie helped to build this tender document then added enough pizazz to really bring the presentation to fruition. I withheld my comments until the tender was signed up. We have now signed the contract and I believe that Julie played a big part in our final outcome. Thanks Julie look forward to working together again.


David Smythe


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    Takes away the stress and pressure of producing compelling tenders. So you can get on with your day job.
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    Have a tender specialist come in with a fresh pair of eyes and do the hard work, so you don’t have to.
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    Use the expertise when you need it, to get the best from your team for the must win tender submissions, without the long term costs.


I’d recommend Julie without hesitation!

Julie’s input to a recent RFP presentation was invaluable. We found her knowledge of both presentation skills and strategy gave us a clear advantage over other respondents. I’d recommend her without hesitation!

Craig Pinker

Just a note to say thanks

Just a note again to say thanks for your help last week. You certainly made a difference and we could not have delivered what we did without your valuable input. I have seen the documents issued for other networks and ours certainly looks way better.

Bruce B

Training and Coaching

Julie is so inspirational!

Julie is an inspirational women who assisted me to get a handle on a fear/barrier to achieve my goal using a visualisation technique which I can use to reflect on whenever the barrier appears and put things in place to overcome it.


Thank you for being there

THANK YOU for being there. I am not sure if ‘WORDS” would ever do any justice for my appreciation of your presence and value during a very difficult time in my life.



Your talks were the highlight for everyone!

Again we thank you so much for your generous giving of time. Julie – authentic, humble, she rocks!


Thanks Julie

Just wanted to say thanks again for your time in presenting to the Club last night. Have had very positive feedback, people especially liked the practical tips.

Jean Berry