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We offer end to end tender management based on your needs and budget.

How to write a winning tender?

Writing a winning tender starts with the 3 P’s. Positioning, Planning and Preparing. Positioning to align yourself with the Client before the RFT is released. Planning when the RFT is released and Preparing who will respond to the various tasks within the tender requirements.


Often companies wrongly assume that the person who will do the job on award, will be the same person to take on the tender tasks, but typically if they are great at operations they are possibly not the company’s expert at writing or presenting. This strategy alone can be the cause of over 50% of tenders failing.


A Tender Coach will ensure the right people are doing the right things and help you present your company in the best light, to have the best chance of writing a winning tender.

6 Steps to producing a winning tender

    1. Position, listen and align with your Clients aims and objectives
    2. Have a Tender Strategy to identify your added value and benefits
    3. Produce a Writing Plan to identify the right people and manage accountability
    4. Understand the evaluation weightings and write accordingly
    5. Review, Review, Review and have reviewers onboard early
    6. Expertise, engage a tender professional either internal or external


Note: Don’t leave it to the last minute and if you do, give me a call for an ‘Immediate response”.

Why didn’t your bid win?

If you have recently put in a tender bid that was unsuccessful we can do an audit against the tender guidelines and show you where you missed out and give you recommendations on how to change your approach for next time.

Tender Coaching Services

In sports teamwork is vital to win and it’s the same with tendering. Having the right team to work together in putting the bid together, is just as important as having the right team put forward in the bid to deliver the work. Having team players with a positive attitude enhances the performance of those around them. Having a tender team with a proactive attitude can make a huge difference to a tender outcome.


You can’t control the outcome of the tender submission, but you can control your team effort. A coach can help you get the best from your team. If this is a must win tender, the team need to give 100% effort and the hard work will pay off.


You are not going to win everything; the competition is an unknown element and they also may have a tender coach. Having a coach means we can help you present the best version of your business and give you the best chance of winning.

Tender Audit (of an unsuccessful Bid)

What’s Involved?

We will review your submitted tender against the RfT and provide a review on where you may have missed out on marks. We will make recommendations and observations on your submission and provide advice on any gaps and improvements you can make for your next tender submission. So that you are continually improving your bar in line with industry best practice. Julie has invaluable experience as a tender evaluator, so knows what she is looking for in a successful tender submission.

What Does It Cost?

Prices from $395 + GST (up to 20 pages)

How to win Contracts and increase your win rate - Tender Training

What’s Involved?

This one-day training is for organisations and individuals that submit quotes, proposals and tenders. It will cover all aspects of the tendering process, from start to finish. Topics covered will be Introduction to tenders, the 3 P’s (Positioning, Planning and Preparing), Writing, Structure, Content, Weightings, Reviewing, Submitting and lessons learnt.

What Does It Cost?

Prices from $3,995 + GST (one day in house team and tender training)


Prices from $995 + GST for individuals attending a public course

Going for Gold - Tender Coaching

What’s Involved?

Discover your winning strategy with JRT and put yourself in the best position to SUCCEED! Going for Gold is a team coaching approach for all levels of tender knowledge. This is a one-day training and coaching programme and can also be done with a live tender. We cover topics such as, but not limited to: Understanding your Client and being on top of their list! Understanding the Tendering Process – how not to be eliminated, types of tenders, understanding the Client evaluation methods, preparing a winning Tender, producing an engaging and persuasive win strategy, capture planning, deliverables and accountability, do’s and don’ts of tendering. Production and Review, bid programme, efficient use of time, checklist and progress. Win or Learn, what questions to ask at the debrief and feedback meeting.

What Does It Cost?

Prices from $3,995 + GST (one day in house team and tender coaching)


Prices from $995 + GST for individuals attending a public course

Bid Management and Writing Expertise

What’s Involved?

Tender support and management of a tender submission, including content writing. Julie is a specialist APMP trained Bid Manager to manage all or part of your next tender submission. If your team is managing a day job and juggling the pressures of a must win tender, give me a call to take the pressure off your team!

What Does It Cost?

The fee for producing a tender submission will vary based on the detail of the requirements and the number of pages for the submission. Depending on your current level of resources, our level of support can vary from managing bids reviews to a full end to end bid management service.

Tender Presentation Training

What’s Involved?

As you know the interactives and presentations are key in supporting your tender submission and ultimately in the Client making the final decision. Your Client will be looking for a team that they can work with, a team that can work together and a team with excellent rapport. Not to mention a team with the right experience and skill!


Presentation Strategy Training – 1 day (for the full team) – Covering, introductions, first impressions, interactive and presentation tips, bad habits, having confidence, seated or standing presentations, storytelling, assessing the TET, impact openings and closing, and handling questions. So, your team are ready and prepared!


Business Presentation Coaching and Content Preparation – (Delivered by David Nottage) Practical support for your tender team to deliver the contents of your tender in an interactive, team building or client presentation scenario. Covering presentation content using the Power of 8 toolkit, practical hands on learning, team engagement and team rapport. Team coaching and one on one coaching as required, support with visual presentations, presentation practice sessions and feedback. So, you have a confident team delivering your key messages.

What Does It Cost?

Prices from $3,995 + GST (one-day Presentation Strategy Training)


Prices from $4,950 + GST (one-day Business Presentation Coaching and Content Preparation)


Prices from $8,450 + GST (two-day training and coaching package) includes Presentation Strategy Training and Business Presentation Coaching and Content Preparation


These packages have been designed to assist and support your business to put your absolute best into the tender submission. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages cover separate elements of the bid process, Review Service, Content Preparation and Strategy Planning, respectively. Our Platinum package covers an end to end tender service which includes all the above services in addition to the full bid management of the tender. We manage bids from $1m to $100M, larger bids are much more complex and will require more resources to deliver. If your bid is for business over $10m then we will help you to identify the right resource to help you with your bid.

Table is; Based on <$10m bid, 20-page submission, over 3 to 4-week period


Bronze Package – Compliant, reviewed bid
Silver Package – Compliant, reviewed, complete bid
Gold Package – Compelling, reviewed, complete, personal, engaging bid
Platinum Package – Compelling, reviewed, complete, personal, engaging, fully managed bid

Bronze PackageSilver PackageGold PackagePlatinum Package
Review Service
Review RFT
Bronze Review (Max. 20 pages)
Silver Review (Max. 20 pages)
Gold review (Max. 20 pages)
Content writing
Collate content (from stakeholders)
Complete Gap Analysis
Align language with RFT and Client)
Graphics support
Strategy and planning
1-day Strategy Plan (align RFT/Client)
Produce Writing Plan
Produce Bid Programme
Template for submission
Bid Management
Weekly Review Meetings
Project Management
NTT Management
Collating, PDF and Submission

Your questions answered

Why work with a tender coach?

Because Julie can get the best out of your team. An external coach can see things differently and also ask the right questions. Julie understands what the evaluators are looking for in the tender submission and she is also a foundation qualified Association of Proposal Manager Professionals (APMP) member.

How does an RFI, EOI, RFQ, RFP and RFT differ

A Request for Information (RFI) is when the buyer is typically testing the market to seek solutions and services available. Expression of Interest (EOI) this is where the buyer is seeking organisations who have the capacity and capability to deliver a service. This is your time to showcase your organisation. A Request for Quote (RFQ) is when a buyer is looking for a specific service, they know they want, and are seeking how much it will cost. A Request for Tender (RFT) is when a buyer has put together a detailed tender document and contract for suppliers to respond to with non-price attributes and Price. A Request for Proposal (RFP) is typically used when a buyer is looking for a methodology to solve a problem and the supplier will respond with non-price attributes and a price.

What is a Tender kick off meeting?

A tender kick off meeting usually takes place after the supplier has received a tender to respond to. The aim of the kick off meeting is to establish who will work on the tender submission, formulate a bid programme, create a writing plan and assign tasks to the team. The bid manager would typically run this meeting and manage weekly catch up sessions to manage the tender timeline.

What makes a good tender?

One that has taken account of the 3 P’s. Positioning, Planning and Preparing. Along with a positive team culture, some hard work and accountability all helps with a winning tender strategy.

Is there a silver lining when you lose?

Of course, I mean you can’t win everything! So if you are unfortunate to have lost a tender, make sure you speak with the buyer and get some feedback on the scoring and price. This will help you for the next tender. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Use this opportunity to request a debrief meeting with the client. This is a great time to bring along some key personnel and introduce them to the client. Ask the client for their feedback on the tender and don’t forget to ask what they liked about your submission.

Are graphics important?

Yes, it’s advisable to appeal to all 3 types of readers, Visual, Kinesthetic and Auditory. Visual communicators ‘I see what you mean’, make up 65% of the population. So include pictures, images and infographics otherwise that a huge % to not accommodate in a tender submission. Auditory make up 30% of the population and for these people a interactive, team building or tender presentation is make or break of which supplier they want to work with. Kinesthetic make up just 5% of the population and like a hands on approach, so taking objects or materials to pass around in a presentation would really appeal to them. Do you know what type of reader your evaluation team are?

Should you tender include pictures?

Most definitely, use the 80/20 rule. 80% text and 20% images for the same reason as having graphics (above).

Brand Truth Questions

We have a large team, so why do we need JRT support?

Having resources is good but having the expertise of a tender coach to work on a tender strategy is invaluable. If you have a pool of resources, we can definitely utilise them effectively to pull together the relevant content identified in the strategy workshop. We can even upskill your existing team, so that they can better understand how we develop a tender strategy for future tenders.

Why don’t the team proposed in the tender, write the tender? they know their jobs right?

Yes, they do know their jobs and will be key to providing technical and specific information for the tender submission. Generally they are too busy doing their day to day job, they don’t have the time to focus on a tender and some don’t have the skills required for formulating a strategy, doling a gap analysis, coaching the team, managing a programme for delivery or the writing skills to tell a good compelling story.

Why pay for a coach, if you can’t guarantee a win?

You are not going to win everything; the competition is an unknown element and they also may have a tender coach. Having a coach means we can help you present the best version of your business and give you the best chance of winning. As a coach we can also help you with your tender content library and upskill employees as we are working on a tender submission. Making suggested improvements and having template strategies in place, so that next time you have a tender to respond to – you will have all the information at your fingertips, to reduce the amount of time, effort and therefore cost to produce your next tender submission.

Why pay for someone to tell me about my business?

Tender development is the business of writing a compelling tender. We still need your key personnel to feed into the tender strategy process, but we work with your business to align with your client, analysis the competition, establish your unique selling points, mitigate any weakness and sell your benefits to the client. This is where a bid manager can turn a compliant tender into a compelling tender.

Why do a presentation coaching and training? when we can just present on the day.

As you know the interactives and presentations are key to supporting your tender submission and ultimately in the Client making the final decision. Having the opportunity to have some training, from a World Champion Public speaker, is priceless. Presentation training and coaching are lifelong skills for the team to use on all future tenders. Your Client will be looking for a team that they can work with, a team that can work together and a team with excellent rapport. Not to mention a team with the right experience and skill! Making a positive impression at the presentation can be the difference between being selected or not…… don’t leave it to chance.